Dear Jackson,

September 11, 2009

Am I still human?

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I had just left the cafeteria at work and was about to head up the stairs back to my desk on the third floor when it happened. As I stepped onto the first step, the woman in front of me tripped on a step and spilled her drink and some food. It was more of a stumble than anything. She didn’t fall, but there was quite a mess. I proceeded up the steps, and casually moved to my left as I passed her and did my best to pretend as if nothing had just happened. As I continued on I heard someone ask the woman if she was alright and I heard her reply back that she was, in fact, alright. That was the moment where I felt those first few pangs of guilt. I never even turned around.

This incident comes back to haunt me from time to time whenever my mind happens to wander. Why didn’t I do anything? Why didn’t I at least ask the woman if she was alright? Why did I just continue on and pretend as if nothing had happened? I know that she was probably horribly embarrassed, and I’m quite sure I didn’t want to draw further attention to situation, but I could have at least tried to help her. Am I so wrapped up in my own bullshit that I can’t take 5 seconds out of my day in order to be polite and try to help someone out? I don’t think I’m a terrible person, but my reaction to the situation is shameful. What if that had been my wife, my mom, or even you? I would surely want someone to care enough to ask about your well-being if this had happened to you.

Questions without answers. I have too many of those these days.

You might think this a trivial incident—one that has no real significance to my life—but you would be mistaken. It is an incident in which you can read a lot into my character based on my reaction. For this reason, I am ashamed of myself. I think that’s why the incident still occasionally haunts me.

There are lessons we can learn from almost every situation in life—good and bad. Take from this particular situation whatever lesson you can, because I have already done so.

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